Maintenance Methods That Help Prevent AC Compressor Failure

6 Jan by Will Kruse

Maintenance Methods That Help Prevent AC Compressor Failure

Taking good care of your AC means it’s much less likely to break down, just like caring for your body keeps you healthy. Without routine care, an air conditioner may develop wear and tear that compromises its effectiveness and reduces its lifespan.

This is why following the instructions provided here is crucial to avoid AC compressor failure, which frequently necessitates purchasing a new air conditioning system.

More affordable and simpler than the damages it avoids is AC maintenance. Although everything looks to be running smoothly, your system still needs routine maintenance to keep everything in working order and prevent malfunctions that can be easily avoided.

Increased strain from issues in another area of the system frequently causes compressor failure. To maintain the health of your AC compressor, these parts require routine inspection or repair by an HVAC specialist.

Look For Any Refrigerant Leaks

You can have a refrigerant leak if you notice that your air conditioner is gradually losing cooling capacity.

A refrigerant leak may need to be repaired by law due to its environmental and potentially dangerous repercussions, although other malfunctions may be annoying and potentially expensive.

Compressor failure may result from a refrigerant leak. A leak can result in extremely low quantities of refrigerant if it is not fixed. As a result, the device has to work harder, eventually harming the compressor.

Obtain the Appropriate Replacement Components

Another reason to hire a competent HVAC expert is that errors made while fixing one issue can result in further issues.

The stress on the system can cause the compressor to fail if it is incorrectly repaired using parts that are either inappropriate or the wrong size for your machine. Make sure your AC is fixed properly the first time to avoid having to pay to have it fixed repeatedly.

Check the Wiring

Your fans blowing, compressor running, and refrigerant running all depend on electricity. An HVAC system’s electrical failure could result in an acid buildup inside the device.

This can cause numerous components of your air conditioner to deteriorate, including the crucial compressor. A technician could inform you during a maintenance inspection if these acids were found in your AC unit.

Regular inspections entail identifying faulty wires and fuses and repairing them before they cause additional damage or compressor failure. Long-term time and financial savings result from investing in the maintenance of your wiring now.

Keep Contaminants at Bay

Large AC units are typically hidden away in attics, crawl spaces, storage spaces, and the outdoors. Unfortunately, the cleanest regions in a building are not those where air conditioners are placed.

An AC’s drain pipes and pans could get polluted if they are not routinely cleaned. In addition to infections that can make you ill, contaminants can include dust and grime, mold, VOCs, car exhaust, bug droppings, and chemicals.


Employ only licensed HVAC specialists. A refrigerant leak is a delicate problem; if treated improperly, it can potentially lead to compressor failure.

An untrained repairman could add incorrect refrigerant or too much to the lines. The compressor may be harmed by one of these errors. It’s essential to hire a skilled HVAC technician to maintain your equipment operating correctly.

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