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These are all residential single family homes

Only. Commercial memberships are available and quoted on a case by case basis.

Plumbing membership


1 annual 65-point plumbing inspection
15% off all plumbing services
Priority booking

Furnace Membership (No AC)


1 annual tuneup including filter change
15% off all hvac services
5% off HVAC installs
Priority booking

Boiler Membership


1 annual tuneup
15% off all boiler services
5% off all boiler installs
Priority booking

HVAC Membership


2 tuneups (spring and fall)
1 filter change
15% off HVAC services
5% off HVAC installs
Priority booking

The Works Plumbing & Furnace


All plumbing & Furnace membership benefits

The Works Plumbing & Boiler


All plumbing & boiler membership benefits

The Works Plumbing & HVAC


All plumbing & HVAC membership benefits



Founder Louis J. Kruse was the son of a German immigrant who came to California to mine the gold fields of the Sierra foothills. Louis was born in Grass Valley in 1889, and when his father died a few years later in a mysterious mining accident, the family moved to San Francisco. Growing up in the city, Louis enjoyed working with his hands and studied gas fitting at Lick-Wilmerding, which was then a trade school.