10 Red Flags That You Should Replace Your Old Heater ASAP

16 Feb by Will Kruse

10 Red Flags That You Should Replace Your Old Heater ASAP

A well-functioning heater is crucial to any home, especially during colder months. This device provides a safe and reliable heat source, helps reduce energy costs, and increases your house’s value.

Being a responsible homeowner means learning when this device needs maintenance or urgent heater repair. Unfortunately, fix-ups can only repair so much, especially if you own an outdated unit.

If you want to make a wise choice for your home, here are the ten warning signs you need a new heater.

  1. A Noisy Boiler

    When your boiler makes strange noises like clunking, banging, and whirring, it could indicate that your device has a broken valve, a pump issue, or general wear and tear. Switch it off immediately and call a professional gas-safe engineer if you think something’s wrong.

    This professional can identify any minor problems and make the necessary heater repairs. However, if the expert deems it unsafe, they may recommend you replace the boiler immediately.

  1. The Boiler Keeps Switching Off Itself

    If it automatically switches off, your boiler could suffer from a drop in pressure, a faulty thermostat, or a malfunctioning pump. You can address this issue by contacting a professional. They can quickly identify the source of the problem and perform heater repair or suggest you upgrade your heating device.

  1. Strange Odors

    Your boiler could suffer an issue if it emits a foul smell because of a gas leak or damaged parts. You can protect everyone by letting a gas-safe engineer inspect your boiler. They can determine if they need to replace some parts of the heating system or if you need a new unit.

  1. Yellow Flames

    A yellow fire could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide, an invisible and odorless but deadly gas. People experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning can suffer lightheadedness, nausea, headaches, and tiredness. For this reason, you should call a professional to perform heater repairs or replace the device.

  1. High Energy Bills

    Skyrocketing energy bills can be frustrating for any homeowner and could indicate that your current boiler isn’t functioning as correctly as it should. You can save money and reduce your environmental impact by replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

  1. Radiators Take Longer than Normal to Heat

    Your heating unit could be nearing the end of its life if your radiators take too long to reach the desired temperature. A professional heater repair company can quickly correct your radiators if they take too long to warm because of a blockage or cold spot. However, if you still find the radiators too slow to heat even after servicing them, it’s time to get a new heating unit.

  1. Kettling

    This phenomenon occurs when limescale and sludge build up in the boiler’s heat exchanger. Kettling restricts water flow and causes it to become hot quickly, resulting in a loud, kettle-like sound and steam coming out of the boiler. It can shorten the heating unit’s lifespan and eventually requires replacement because of the frequent damage.

  1. Discontinued Components

    Regardless of how well you’ve taken care of your boiler over time, it can’t last forever. Finding spare parts for older boilers can also be tricky, especially if manufacturers have already discontinued the older models. Thus, if you experience a breakdown, you can’t get urgent heater repair and will need to replace the entire heating system.

  1. Lower Water Pressure

    Sealers can usually resolve leaks in boilers that can cause a pressure drop. Otherwise, you need a new heater.

  1. Constant Breakdowns

    You should invest in a new boiler if you frequently struggle with heating and hot water and repairs are becoming too expensive.


No home deserves to freeze away in the colder months because of an outdated or malfunctioning boiler. Knowing when to call a heater repair company or replace the heating unit can save your home from expensive repairs.

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