Advantages of Warming Your Business with a Commercial Boiler

26 Jan by Will Kruse

Advantages of Warming Your Business with a Commercial Boiler

Central heating systems at local businesses such as workplaces, schools, and hospitals need to be in tip-top form in anticipation of the long winter. As each HVAC system generates and distributes heat in a unique way, it is important to tailor HVAC maintenance to the specific heating equipment in a building.

If you are the owner or caretaker of a building that is heated by a commercial boiler, or if you are planning to install a boiler in a new construction project, read on to learn more about the advantages of such systems and how to maintain your equipment for optimal performance over its lifetime.

How Do Industrial Boilers Operate?

Commercial boilers are pressurized heating systems that circulate heated water throughout a building via pipes. The water is heated in a big tank using either electricity or combustible fuel. Thermal radiation, or the emission of heat energy from baseboard heaters or radiators, keeps occupants warm throughout a building.

Why Is a Boiler the Best Option for Heating a Building?

  • Saving Energy

    Since water efficiently transfers thermal energy and keeps it longer than air, commercial boilers are intrinsically efficient. The use of pipes rather than ductwork also reduces the likelihood of leaks in the system, which is another way in which they cut costs.

    The percentage of fuel that is transformed into useful heat is shown by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, which is displayed on all boilers. For instance, a commercial boiler with an AFUE of 90 is 90% efficient in heating buildings, while the remaining 10% is wasted as exhaust gasses or vent gas. If your business’s HVAC system is well-maintained, purchasing a commercial boiler with an AFUE rating of at least 87% results in lower energy expenditures.

  • Uniform Heat Dissipation

    When a boiler uses thermal radiation to heat a building, the energy is spread uniformly throughout the structure. If the heating system is well-balanced for the necessary heating load, it can run for extended periods of time, keeping residents comfortably warm.

  • Zero Carbon Emissions

    Installing a biomass boiler is an excellent step toward cleaner, greener business operations if you’re trying to cut down on your company’s carbon footprint. Energy derived from biomass does not contribute to global warming. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced when biomass is burned, which is later reabsorbed by nearby plants and trees. This eco-friendly cycle helps lessen our footprint on the planet.

    Everyone benefits when you do your part for the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint. Being an environmentally conscious company indeed has its advantages for business.

  • Financial Gains

    You can take advantage of rebates and tax credits from the government (whenever applicable) for investing in environmentally friendly technologies like biomass boilers. Obtaining monetary awards from the government is possible through the use of commercial or company RHI (renewable heat incentive). Non-domestic RHI is a scheme where, if approved, you will receive payments over a period of 20 years. Your earnings will grow even more when you factor in the money you’ll save on your monthly energy expenses. Be sure to ask your local government about this, as the policies may vary amongst various states.

When Should a Commercial Boiler Be Cleaned and Serviced?

All commercial HVAC systems, including boiler systems, require annual inspections by qualified technicians to ensure they are running safely and efficiently. Maintaining a boiler is a job best left to professionals due to the high temperatures, pressure tanks, and other hazards involved.

The quality of the water used in the system should be checked at regular intervals as well, as using contaminated water reduces the heating system’s effectiveness and speeds up the wear and tear on its heat exchangers, air separators, and pumps.


Investing in a commercial boiler can have a number of advantages for businesses. It can provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to heat a workspace and provide more reliable heating and a cleaner source of energy. Additionally, commercial boilers can reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and other health hazards and help to reduce carbon emissions. All of these advantages make them an ideal option for businesses looking to improve their heating system.

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