How to Improve Efficiency with Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

30 Dec by Will Kruse

How to Improve Efficiency with Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

Waste heat recovery boilers are systems used to capture and reuse heat normally lost in the manufacturing process. They are an important part of any effort to become more sustainable and reduce waste. The heat can be used to generate more steam or to power other industrial processes. Ultimately, this helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Waste heat recovery boilers offer a great way for plant owners to increase steam capacity. There are other advantages too, which can help plants operate more efficiently. Here’s how to use this technology to improve efficiency:

  1. Identify Waste Heat Sources

    To increase the efficiency of a facility and reduce the amount of wasted energy, it is important to identify potential sources of waste heat and devise strategies to capture and utilize it. This can be done by locating areas where heat is being lost and using Waste Heat Recovery Boilers to collect, store, and reuse it. While this is a great way to promote energy efficiency and sustainability, there can be challenges in implementing these projects due to a lack of knowledge, economic restrictions, and technical difficulties.

    Informational barriers are the lack of knowledge about energy and material usage in industries. This lack of information can prevent the full use of waste heat and the reuse of it. This methodology will help those involved with energy and material usage to identify and evaluate waste heat sources. It can also help create incentive programs to encourage the use of new waste heat recovery solutions.

  1. Consider the Economizer Design

    The economizer is a device that can be implemented in various settings, from residential homes to offices and power plants. It is responsible for boosting the efficiency of a boiler by preheating the water in the system with exhaust gas. Depending on the design, it could use a single tube to transfer the heat or multiple up-flow rows of tubes. It is usually cylindrical and is tested according to ASME Code.

    For optimal performance, choosing the design that will provide the highest transfer rate from the hot gas to the water is important. Installing an economizer can result in significant energy and fuel savings and a quick return on investment.

  1. Install Insulation in Boilers and Piping Systems

    In simple terms, pipe insulation is a material used to reduce heat loss from boilers and piping systems. It helps to prevent pipes from freezing, lower energy costs, and increase the overall efficiency of the heating system. Various types of insulation are available, such as light foam and mineral fiber, which are both suitable for different applications. Adding insulation to your heating system can help to reduce heat loss and save you money.

  1. Reuse the Condensate

    By installing a condensate recovery system on a waste heat recovery boiler, an industrial process can realize significant gains in efficiency. This system can capture and reuse wasted steam, decreasing the need for cooling towers, natural gas use, and groundwater pumping.

    In addition to reducing energy use, this system can reduce CO2 emissions from power generation, potentially up to 3000-7620 tons/yr. As a result, the condensate recovery system is an ideal way to maximize the efficiency of an industrial process, helping to reduce environmental impact and energy costs.


Waste heat recovery boilers are an effective way to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. They enable companies to reuse energy that would have otherwise been lost in the form of heat, which can be used to generate electricity, preheat combustion air, or provide process heat. By utilizing waste heat recovery boilers, companies can save money on energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Additionally, waste heat recovery boilers are relatively easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Therefore, waste heat recovery boilers are a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution for businesses looking to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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