L.J. Kruse Co. – 7 Common Signs Your Home’s HVAC System Needs to Be Repaired

21 Sep by Will Kruse

L.J. Kruse Co. – 7 Common Signs Your Home’s HVAC System Needs to Be Repaired

In any home, proper ventilation is essential because it keeps the air fresh, contributing to a fresh, pristine environment. However, your home’s indoor air quality is only as good as its environment, so it has to be kept clean as much as possible. For this reason, the HVAC system should be regularly cleaned and maintained.

The HVAC system is responsible for indoor heating and cooling, making it an integral part of your home. The system comprises several components, including the furnace, air conditioner, and ductwork. All of these components work together to keep your home comfortable. However, an HVAC system is not without its faults and can still break down. It’s your responsibility to prevent this from happening, as HVAC repairs can cost several hundred to thousands of dollars. For this reason, one must know the common signs an HVAC system needs repairs, such as:

#1 – Moisture

The moisture in an HVAC system is never a good sign because it leads to mold and mildew growth, which can cause serious health problems. It can also cause the system to break down. Moisture can enter the system through leaks in the ductwork or through condensation. If you notice any moisture in your HVAC system, it’s best to have it checked and repaired as soon as possible.

#2 – You Hear Odd Sounds

The most sound you’ll hear from an HVAC system is a low or quiet hum, meaning the system is working correctly. However, if you hear banging, screeching, or clicking noises, this is a red flag that you have a problem with your system. Loose or damaged parts usually cause these sounds, but it could also be a sign of a bigger problem, such as a clogged duct or a failing compressor.

#3 – You Smell a Foul Odor

Under no circumstances should an HVAC system emit a smell. If it does, you can be sure that something is wrong. A foul odor from the system could signify a gas leak, an electrical problem, or a clogged drain. Any of these problems can be dangerous, so you should call a technician as soon as possible.

#4 – Power Issues

Power issues in HVAC systems are caused by many things, such as a tripped circuit breaker, loose wiring, faulty capacitor, broken igniter, or faulty fan motor. These issues pose a significant risk because they can cause fires, so you should call a technician immediately.

#5 – Low Airflow

An HVAC system is meant to release air depending on how you set it. However, if you put it on high but the airflow is still slow, your system is not working correctly. This could be caused by a clogged filter, dirty coils, or a blocked duct. Cleaning the HVAC system is recommended, but you should still call a professional because it will be tricky to fix.

#6 – Inconsistent Temperatures

If you notice that the temperature in your home is inconsistent, your HVAC system is not working correctly. It could be due to a broken thermostat or a problem with the ductwork. This issue should be fixed immediately to ensure your HVAC system is working correctly.

#7 – Rising Utility Bills

If you use your HVAC system the way you always have, but your bills are rising, it could be due to a problem with the system. It could be that your system is not working as efficiently as it should be, or there could be a problem with the ductwork. This issue should be fixed immediately to help you save money on utility bills.

Working with an HVAC Professional

If you have noticed any of these issues, you must immediately call an HVAC professional. They will be able to diagnose the problem and give you a solution. They will also help you keep your HVAC system working correctly to avoid these issues in the future.

Of course, you don’t just hire the first one you see because you need to consider certain things, such as experience, license, and insurance. You should also choose one that offers a warranty on their work to get the best quality of service.


An HVAC system is a must-have in every home because it keeps indoor air clean. While it may experience issues, it only takes a skilled professional to fix them. All that matters is that you know how to spot them to ensure these problems won’t occur later.

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