Should I Choose a Wet or Dry Layup for My Commercial Boiler?

30 Mar by Will Kruse

Should I Choose a Wet or Dry Layup for My Commercial Boiler?

Boilers are essential to a comfortable and energy-efficient commercial property. It supplies heating and hot water to warm the building, especially in winter. These heating systems are also highly reliable and cost-effective if you care for them properly.

Like other significant investments, you should schedule regular commercial heating services and give the boiler time to rest to prolong its lifespan. Some of the most crucial aspects you should know are wet and dry layups. However, it can be tricky to determine what works best for your needs, especially if you don’t know the differences between them.

If you want to maximize your commercial heating services, this article will explain the significance of boiler layups and how it works. We’ll also discuss the difference between wet and dry layups.

Boiler Layups: What Are They and What Are the Benefits?

Wet and dry layups are boiler maintenance methods that can benefit particular situations. It guarantees that your contractor thoroughly examines, cleans, and fixes your steam boiler correctly before taking it out of service. It also means switching off the boiler and applying water treatment chemicals or a drying agent.

A well-executed layup procedure can safeguard you from needless breakdowns, reducing repair costs and downtime.

How Does the Layup Process Work?

Your technician will begin the layup procedure by inspecting the steam boiler and its associated piping system to ensure it’s safe for operation. They’ll also use various testing methods, like visual inspection, pressure testing, and ultrasonic testing, to examine the system.

Next, they’ll clean the boiler using water chemicals to remove deposits without damaging or leaving unsightly residue. These experts will also repair or replace any damaged parts.

How Can Layup Processes Benefit New Technicians?

Layups allow experienced operators to train new technicians. This training can help beginner technicians understand how their work affects the steam system’s safety and efficiency. This session may also include teaching newcomers the proper inspection and cleaning techniques and the correct operation of valves and other equipment used during the commercial heating service.

Wet vs. Dry Layup: What’s the Difference?

After discussing the significance of layups and how they can help new technicians, this section will explain the differences between wet and dry layups.

What’s a Wet Layup?

Sometimes, a commercial property owner may need to temporarily switch off a boiler for a few days or weeks. Thus, scheduling a wet layup is practical because you don’t need to drain the heater system completely. Wet layup means using water and chemicals to clean the boiler. This water mixture remains in the boiler while switched off before restarting it.

During this procedure, your technician fills the boiler with hot water and chemicals to raise the pH to 12.4, preventing corrosion and absorbing oxygen. They’ll then close the header valves to keep out the new oxygen. This method makes it easy to restart the boiler by draining excess water and switching it back on.

What’s a Dry Boiler Layup?

On the other hand, a dry layup is the best method if you rest the boiler for multiple months. It involves a blowdown, vent opening, and water cooling before draining and rinsing the boiler. Your technician will then dry out your commercial heating unit with a desiccant to prevent corrosion while it’s inactive.

Besides taking your heating unit out of commission for a longer time, this commercial heating service works best when replacing or repairing a boiler’s broken component. It’s also ideal when there’s a leak in the system.


Scheduling regular layups is crucial for maintaining your boiler’s best condition. You can make informed decisions by educating yourself about wet and dry layups and finding a technician who offers professional commercial heating services.

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