Some Valuable Tips to Fix the Most Common Water Heater Issues

6 Jan by Will Kruse

Some Valuable Tips to Fix the Most Common Water Heater Issues

Most individuals don’t give their water heater much thought until problems occur. That said, don’t panic if your water heater starts acting up; there may be a simple remedy for the issues.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most typical water heater issues and how to fix them. This article will cover how to resolve common problems with gas and electric water heaters, both tankless and otherwise.

  • The Water Is Too Hot

    A thermostat that is simply set too high is frequently to blame for the hot water being excessively hot. Fortunately, this is a simple issue to resolve. Refer to your water heater’s owner’s manual to learn how to change the thermostat temperature. The U.S. Department of Energy advises a setting of 120° F as a general guideline to keep hot water at a safe temperature and support the appliance’s operation.

Your water heater should operate much more smoothly after you’ve made the modification.

  • Freezing Water

    There are a few possible reasons why the cold water from your water heater may be lukewarm or even frigid. The most common causes are either a power shortage, a broken thermostat, or a broken heating element. If you’re unsure of where to start your investigation, start by ruling out power as a possible cause by resetting any tripped circuit breakers and changing any blown fuses. Make sure power switches are turned on, and then check power indicators to make sure they are lit. Check the thermostat one last time to be sure it is receiving power.

    A pilot light is sometimes used in gas water heaters to ignite the gas and heat the water. The thermocouple may not be accurately sensing the pilot light’s presence if it is on and the water is still not hot. You might need to clean or replace the thermocouple to resolve this issue.

  • Lukewarm Water

    There could be a few possible causes if you’re having difficulties getting hot water from your faucet. Make sure your water heater is the appropriate size for your house first. It won’t be able to heat enough water to fulfill your demands if it’s too small. Crossed hot and cold connections are another potential problem. Switch off the water supply and open a hot water faucet to rule this out. If the water is still flowing, your connection is probably crossed.

    The heating element or thermostat should also be tested to ensure appropriate operation. They will need to be replaced if they are not. You should be able to easily identify the cause of your water’s inadequate heating with a little troubleshooting.

  • Water Tank Leaks at the Top

    There’s no need to stress out if you see a leak coming from the top of your water heater. Loose pipe connections frequently cause leaks at the top of water tanks. Checking the two pipes on the heater’s top should be your initial action. While the output pipe distributes hot water throughout the house, the input pipe brings cold water to the water tank to be heated. The fittings may easily be tightened if they have become loose.

  • Water Tank Leaks from the Side

    Your water heater has a temperature and pressure relief valve. It serves a useful purpose by releasing pressure if the tank’s pressure rises too high. The temperature setting on the water heater should be checked first if you notice water escaping from the valve. Simply reduce the temperature to 120 degrees if it is too high. But if the leak continues, replacing the pressure release valve is probably necessary.


Overall, following the aforementioned tips can help homeowners fix the most common water heater issues. While some repairs may require a professional, many can be handled by the homeowner with a little bit of knowledge and some basic tools.

By being proactive and addressing any issues as they arise, homeowners can help ensure that their water heater is running as efficiently as possible and that they are getting the most out of their investment.

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