Why Buyers Must Schedule Professional Sewer Line Inspections

13 Apr by Will Kruse

Why Buyers Must Schedule Professional Sewer Line Inspections

Why Buyers Must Schedule Professional Sewer Line Inspections

There’s nothing more rewarding than buying and owning a home. This significant but worthwhile investment lets you build equity and enjoy tax benefits. It also gives you a sense of stability, security, and a pride of ownership that you can’t get in renting an apartment.

While getting the keys to your new home may be exciting, you must never neglect the essential inspections and upkeep services, including ensuring the sewer line’s best condition. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize its significance until they experience costly property damage.

If you want a safer and stress-free home, this article will discuss the significance of scheduling sewer line inspections before buying a house.

How Much Do Sewer Line Inspections Cost?

You must always include a sewer line inspection when inspecting a prospective home. While a regular home inspector may not examine this part, they can check other areas like the sump pit and pump. Your general inspector may also recommend sewer line inspections, which can cost between $150 to $300.

Although it may be initially expensive, it can save you from spending thousands on repairs later.

What Is the Common Cause of Sewer Line Damage?

Sewer line damage usually occurs because of growing tree roots. Trees instinctively search for water; since sewer pipes carry water, tree roots naturally grow toward them. Whenever there’s an opening or space in a sewer line, tree roots exploit it and gradually thrive inside it.

They get stuck in the gaps as they grow, eventually obstructing the pipe. If the gaps become big enough, the entire line can collapse.

Do Sewer Line Problems Only Occur in Older Homes?

Other homeowners mistakenly assume that only homes built before 1980 with Clay Tile and Orangeburg Pipes have sewer line issues. However, that’s not the case because newer homes can also experience problems with their sewer lines.

Sewer line issues occur in newer houses because of poor installation instead of the materials used. Contractors usually place the sewer line in a trench from the building to the street’s sewer. After installation, they’ll fill and compress the canal, making the soil overly compact and breaking the line. A rock may also be beside the pipe, and soil compression can cause cracking.

What Happens with Improper Installation?

Not properly connecting polyvinyl chloride (PVC) joints can cause significant issues. Remember that contemporary 40 PVC lines are prone to shifting in unstable soil or seismic activity areas, leading to cracks or sagging and causing blockages and root intrusion.

Why Should You Inspect Your Property’s Sewer Line?

You must inspect the home’s sewer line before buying it to determine its condition and what maintenance it needs. It can also help prevent future surprises and issues with the line. Moreover, remember that sewer line issues usually occur when there’s a change in volume, like when new occupants use more water.

3 Steps of the Sewer Line Inspection

After discussing sewer line issues and the significance of inspecting it regularly, let’s see what happens during this essential service.

  1. Look for a Cleanout

    The technician will look for a cleanout, a capped pipe connected to the sewer line and near the house or the basement, allowing for easy inspection and upkeep.
  1. Find Another Way into the Sewer Line

    If the technician can’t find a cleanout on a property’s sewer line, they’ll remove a toilet to gain access.

  1. Use a Small Video Camera

    Modern sewer line inspections use video cameras on a long cable to inspect for damages and document issues. The technician will also provide the home seller with a written report and video file.


Homeowners must always inspect the sewer line to detect and proactively address issues. You can ensure a successful service by letting a professional technician check its condition.

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